About DISA

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There are huge amounts of digital data all around us…

…that need to be effectively organized!

In the Laboratory of Data Intensive Systems and Applications (DISA), we study and develop modern techniques for effective and efficient data management:

  • Similarity-based indexing and searching
  • Content-based multimedia processing
  • Distributed data organization

To get a quick idea about our research, you may see our presentation (in Czech) or try some of our demo applications:


    • November 17-20, 2018: ICDM workshops 2018 in Singapore
      Vladimir Mic is presenting a paper Modifying Hamming Spaces for Efficient Search
    • October 22-26, 2018: ACM Multimedia 2018 in Seoul, South Korea
      Pavel Zezula and Jan Sedmidubsky are presenting a tutorial Similarity-Based Processing of Motion Capture Data
    • September 24-29, 2018: ESMAC 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic
      Pavel Zezula and Jan Sedmidubsky are presenting a seminar Advanced MoCap Data Processing
    • September 3-6, 2018: DEXA 2018 in Regensburg, Germany
      Jan Sedmidubsky is presenting a paper Probabilistic Classification of Skeleton Sequences
    • September 2-5, 2018: ADBIS 2018 in Budapest, Hungary
      Vladimir Mic is presenting a paper Selecting Sketches for Similarity Search
    • June 18-20, 2018: IDEAS 2018 in Calabria, Italy
      Filip Nalepa is presenting a paper Continuous Time-Dependent kNN Join by Binary Sketches